The Abominations of Yondo

Clark Ashton Smith
science fiction, fantasy, horror > weird fiction, short stories
The Abominations of Yondo - Clark Ashton Smith

Cosmic horror... Daemonic strangeness... Weird-heroic fantasy... The macabre and terrible visions of Clark Ashton Smith...

Here are 17 bizarre stories by master fantasist Clark Ashton Smith, who was described by H. P. Lovecraft as "unexcelled by any other writer, dead or living". They will take you into unearthly realms of fantasy and horror beyond your wildest nightmares...


  • The Abominations of Yondo
  • The White Sybil
  • The Ice-Demon
  • The Voyage of King Euvoran
  • The Witchcraft of Ulua
  • The Master of the Crabs
  • A Vintage from Atlantis
  • The Enchantress of Sylaire
  • The Dweller in the Gulf
  • The Dark Age
  • The Devotee of Evil
  • The Nameless Offspring
  • The Epiphany of Death
  • The Third Episode of Vathek (with William Beckford)
  • Chinoiserie
  • The Mirror in the Hall of Ebony
  • The Passing of Aphrodite
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Release date: 1960
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horrorweird fiction, short stories
Updated: September 01, 2021