by Clark Ashton Smith
Release date: 1973
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, short stories

Thousands of books, articles and stories have been written about Atlantis since Plato presented the dialogues in which he first postulated the Lost Continent.

Later writers, philosophers, story-tellers, believers and non-believers have created their own names for the legend, have changed the geography (which indeed, was always pretty vague), have treated the concept as the purest fiction, and as the purest non-fiction: the stream is endless and there will undoubtedly be more to come.

But few writers of the imaginative have produced such tantalizing glimpses of richness as Clark Ashton Smith created in his Tales of Podeidonis (one of the many names for Atlantis). The embroidery of his extraordinarily graphic prose, the clarity of his weird images, are ideally suited to the re-creation of his own purely imaginary world. He makes no pretense that this is the real lost Atlantis – but it is an Atlantis that surely should have lived. Enter it, and you enter a fasdcinating reality beyond the mundane world – a reality in which the remarkable mind of Clark Ashton Smith was perfectly at home, and in which he will entangle you with the sorcery of an artist...

Edited, with an introduction and notes by Lin Carter.


  • The Magic of Atlantis: An Introduction (by Lin Carter)
  • Poseidonis
    • Editor's Note
    • The Muse of Atlantis (prose poem)
    • The Last Incantation
    • The Death of Malygris
    • Tolometh (poem)
    • The Double Shadow
    • A Voyage to Sfanomoë
    • A Vintage from Atlantis
    • Atlantis: a poem (poem)
  • Lemuria
    • Editor's Note
    • In Lemuria (poem)
    • An Offering to the Moon
    • The Uncharted Isle
    • Lemurienne (poem)
  • Ptolemides
    • Editor's Note
    • The Epiphany of Death
  • Other Realms
    • Editor's Note
    • In Cocaigne (prose poem)
    • Symposium of the Gorgon
    • The Venus of Azombeii
    • The Isle of Saturn (poem)
    • The Root of Ampoi
    • The Invisible City
    • Amithaine (poem)
    • The Willow Landscape
    • The Shadows (prose poem)
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