The Monster of the Prophecy

by Clark Ashton Smith
Release date: 1983
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horrorweird fiction, short stories

Tales of Adventure and Suspense from the master of Fantasy and Horror

The Monster of the Prophecy: A lonely and displaced poet finds a home in a distant universe – where he becomes, at once, a monster, prophet and lover!

Xeethra: A young goatherd is suddenly possessed by a vision of a gold city called Calyz, where a young king once ruled... where Xeethra is doomed to rule again!

The Charnel God: Elaith is not really dead, but young Phariom can convince no-one – and now the girl has attracted the dark eye of Vemba-Tsith, the necromancer!

The Weird of Avoosl Wuthoqquan: O Avoosl Wuthoqquan. Harken to your weird. The hidden opulence of earth shall ensnare you... and devour you at last!

Master of the Asteroid: The diary of Edmond Beverly, who survived two comrades to reach a hidden planet, reveals an odyssey of stark terror!


  • Introduction
  • The Monster of the Prophecy
  • Xeethra
  • The Empire of the Necromancers
  • The Charnel God
  • The Witchcraft of Ulua
  • Vulthoom
  • The Weird of Avoosl Wuthoqquan
  • The Seven Geases
  • The Coming of the White Worm
  • Master of the Asteroid
  • The Immeasurable Horror
  • Monsters in the Night
  • The Gorgon
  • A Voyage to Sfanomoe
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