Operation: Endgame

by Tony Ruggiero
Release date: October 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

Operation End Game: The thrilling conclusion to the Team of Darkness Series.

Commander John Reese will bring an end to the vampire saga — whatever the consequences.  But to do so he must defeat the forces that are trying to control him in his world of reality and in his state of dreams. Yet these forces, both human and vampire, will ultimately cause a reaction that will change the human race as we know it.

In his dreams, a trial convenes as Reese faces his old enemies... all of whom which are dead. He is accused of crimes against humanity in that he brought about the deaths of humans as a result of his actions to save the vampires from their servitude. But an even greater surprise is that the prosecutor of his crimes is Christina and his defense attorney is Dimitri, the vampire that refuses to acknowledge Reese’s wish to be with Christina. But Dimitri may have his own ideas for Christina and the future.

In the reality world, the Agency wants to use Reese to capture additional vampires as Reese tries to hide the truth from them about the Team of Darkness vampire deaths that he faked so that they could escape. Yet unbeknownst to Reese, The Agency has fallen under the purview of a private organization that can even pull strings in the highest and most covert organizations. Their involvement is designed to not only change the outcome of one government or country, but humanity as a whole.

Being pulled in so many directions over the years, Reese’s sanity is already in a fragile state. He has argued the positive and negative effects of giving up his humanity and he has sacrificed much to understand the enigmatic life of the vampire. But even he has had enough. Reese vows that finally there will be a resolution to it all. Yet he realizes that there is only one letter that stands between the two distinctly different meanings of the words resolution and revolution. And that one letter is a “V”.

updated 2010-11-07

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