A Princess, a Pirate, and One Wild Brother

Cornelia Funke
fantasy, childrens, short stories
A Princess, a Pirate, and One Wild Brother - Cornelia Funke

Little Violetta trains in secret to become THE PRINCESS KNIGHT.

Fierce Molly is out to show ferocious Captain Firebeard and his motley crew just who really rules the high seas in PIRATE GIRL.

And brave Ben, THE WILDEST BROTHER, battles moldy green ghosts and slime-belching monsters – until the sun goes down. That's when he seeks the protection of his big sis!

Children everywhere will cheer for the feisty heroes in this happy collection. Meyer's witty artwork and Funke's perfect balance of humor and truth make it a treasury to cherish.

THE PRINCESS KNIGHT: A Fairy Tale for Tomboys!

"Funke has fun skewering the myth of the princess bride... Meyer's pictures are hilarious." The Washington Post

"Funke and Meyer have illuminated the age-old desire of some girls to do everything their big brothers can."The New York Times

PIRATE GIRL: A Glorious High-Seas Adventure!

"Girls get top billing in Funke's surprise-ending tale."Newsday

"Come aboard for a rowdy, satisfying seafaring adventure!"The Horn Book Magazine

THE WILDEST BROTHER: Even the Bravest Boys Sometimes Need Their Big Sister!

"May such little brothers and big sisters always have each other."The Chicago Tribune

"Kudos for celebrating the exciting fantasy play of boys."Kirkus

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Release date: August 1, 2008
Genres: fantasy, childrens, short stories
Tags: translation
Updated: August 17, 2021
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