The Man Who Sold the Moon - Robert A. Heinlein7.14

Heinlein's monumental "Future History" series continues. Two scientists develop cheap solar power - and threaten the industrial status quo. The nation's cities are linked by a system of moving roads - and a strike can bring the entire country to a halt. Workers in an experimental atomic plant crack under the mental strain.

And the space frontier is opened by an unlikely hero - D. D. Harriman, a billionaire with a dream: the dream of Space for All Mankind. The method? Anything that works. Maybe, in fact, Harriman goes too far. But he will give us the stars...


  • Let There Be Light
  • The Roads Must Roll
  • The Man Who Sold the Moon
  • Requiem
  • Life-Line
  • Blowups Happen
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Release date: 1950
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Average rating: 7.14/10
Total ratings: 7
Updated: August 13, 2021

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