Stonehenge - Harry Harrison, Leon E. Stover6.04

Stonehenge is also known as Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died. Stonehenge is the first version of the novel and it was cut at the request of the publishers. The cut material was later reinstated and the book expanded and published as Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died in 1983.

Three against an Empire!

ASON: Prince of an ancient house, intent on restoring the keystone of his fathers power, braves the limits of the land-rimmed sea to sail North, through the cold fog, to the icy island where, with heroic effort, the key to victory may be found.

INTEB: Former envoy of the Pharaoh, reluctant voyager to the forbidding island of Yerni, armed with his arcane knowledge and his loyalty to Ason.

NAIKERI: Proud daughter of the Albi, she has never known as warrior like Ason, nor a world like the one she helps him build – a world that will center on one of the greatest monuments of all time...

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Release date: 1972
Genres: fantasy
Average rating: 6.04/10
Total ratings: 22
Updated: August 14, 2021