Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
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Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers

by Harry Harrison
Release date: 1973
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The wild, galaxy-hopping adventures of brash young scientists Jerry Courtenay and Chuck van Chider are at the core of this classic space opera. When the two college students develop a faster-than-light space drive in their homemade workshed, they decide to sneak it aboard their football team's airplane as a prank. The boyish plan backfires, however, and the boys find themselves, along with their crush Sally and the seemingly loveable school caretaker, Old John, hurtling through the solar system towards Titan – an icy moon of Saturn inhabited by hideous ice creatures. Titan and the 20th century are only square one as the foursome becomes embroiled in a vast, intergalactic, century-jumping battle.

updated 2017-01-18

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Much as I admire much of the work by Harry Harrison I'm afraid I have to say that this is a really dreadful book, the basic premise is to ridicule the tawdry fiction churned out by the likes of E E “Doc” Smith and Robert Heinlein but unfortunately he takes the joke too far and it have would have been much better had it been written as a short story when it could have been over and done with in just a few pages.
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