The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin7.98

Hugo Award 1970, Nebula Award 1969.

Genly Ai is an ethnologist observing the people of the planet Gethen, a world perpetually in winter. The people there are androgynous, normally neuter, but they can become male ot female at the peak of their sexual cycle. They seem to Genly Ai alien, unsophisticated and confusing.

But he is drawn into the complex politics of the planet and, during a long, tortuous journey across the ice with a politician who has fallen from favour and has been outcast, he loses his professional detachment and reaches a painful understanding of the true nature of Gethenians and, in a moving and memorable sequence, even finds love...

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Release date: 1969
Genres: science fiction
Tags: hugo award, nebula award
Average rating: 7.98/10
Total ratings: 140
Updated: August 28, 2021

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8/10 |
October 07, 2007
I decided to re-read The Left Hand of Darkness, because I had forgotten most of it. I only remembered that I liked it very much when I read it a few years ago (it's been a long time since I first read it). Unfortunately I didn't like it very much ...