Black Juice

by Margo Lanagan
Black Juice - Margo Lanagan 8.00   2

As part of a public execution, a young boy forlornly helps to sing his sister down... A servant learns about grace and loyalty from a mistress who would rather dance with Gypsies than sit on her throne... A terrifying encounter with a demonic angel gives a young man the strength he needs to break free of his oppressor... On a bleak and dreary afternoon a gleeful shooting spree leads to tragedy for a desperate clown unable to escape his fate.

In each of Margo Lanagan's ten extraordinary stories, human frailty is put to the test by the implacable forces of dark and light, man and beast. Black Juice offers glimpses into familiar, shadowy worlds that push the boundaries of the spirit and leave the mind haunted with the knowledge that black juice runs through us all.


  • Singing My Sister Down
  • My Lord's Man
  • Red Nose Day
  • Sweet Pippit
  • House of the Many
  • Wooden Bride
  • Earthly Uses
  • Perpetual Light
  • Yowlinin
  • Rite of Spring

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Release date 2004
Details updated August 28, 2022
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