The Seven Altars of Dûsarra (The Lords of Dûs #2) - Lawrence Watt-Evans


Garth came to Skelleth for peaceful trade. But the Baron still brooded on the past and demanded the humbling of the overman. To gain vengeance. Garth again accepted a mission for the mysterious, apparently immortal Forgotten King.

His task was to steal what lay on the seven altars of the gods in the city of Dûsarra.

Garth knew too little of human religions to realized that these were the feared and shunned Dark Gods. Among them were Terror, Destruction – and the Final God, The God Whose Name is Not Spoken.

Nor did he know that this was a time for the ending of the Thirteenth Age, when one god waited for a mortal who would seize the thing on the burning altar – to be seized in turn by that Dark God and used to begin the Fourteenth Age, the Age of Destruction!

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Release date: 1981
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: August 25, 2021