The Book of Silence (The Lords of Dûs #4) - Lawrence Watt-Evans


Nothing had gone right for Garth the overman since he had come to the human city of Skelleth. He had been exiled from his home, forced to raid the altars of the Dark Gods, possessed by Bheleu, god of destruction, and tricked into vowing to serve the god of death through the god's high priest, the mysterious Forgotten King.

Now the followers of Aghad, god of hatred and vengeance, had tortured his wife and threatened to kill his sons and friends. He could only defeat them by taking up the Sword of Bheleu again – surrendering himself to the savage rage of the ruthless god.

Or he could bring the Forgotten King the Book of Silence from a long-forgotten crypt. But that would serve the god of death by loosing spells that could bring about the Fifteenth Age – the age that might bring death to all living beings!

He was only one overman – against the Dark Gods of Dûs!

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Release date: 1984
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: August 23, 2021