The Blood of a Dragon (Legends of Ethshar #4) - Lawrence Watt-Evans

Dumery of Shiphaven was a lad with a love of wizardry – and no magic at all. He dreamed of apprenticing himself to a great wizard, but because he had not even a touch of the talent, it was a dream he could never fulfill. He would never apprentice himself to a great wizard, nor even a meager one; no matter how he loved magic and the magical arts, he would never work with wizards or wizardry.

That's what Dumery was beginning to think, anyway – until he spied a great wizard humbling himself before a man selling dragon's blood, the precious stuff that made difficult spells work. If Dumery couldn't be a wizard, he could still become a dragon-hunter – and have all those condescending wizards crawling to him.

And so Dumery set off on a quest – a quest in search of dragons and dragon-hunters, and ultimately the secret that lay beneath all the wizardry in Ethshar. Before he reached its end, he would uncover the terrible mystery of the dragon-hunters – and scheme a scheme that would change the face of Ethsharitic magic forever.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: October 07, 2016