To a Highland Nation (Fenrille, #4)
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To a Highland Nation

by Christopher Rowley
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction


The Last Farmer: the story of the end of the dream of colonizing the mainland of Fenrille and clearing the forest to farm the soil. The unrelenting war with the Woodwose can only end one way.

At this point, a hundred years after the Founder's arrival, the original colony on the islands was being superseded by a new way of life, that of the Chitin farmers. By then the secret of Chitin protein with its longevity effect on human life had been discovered. The ways of "farming" the chitin were being explored.

Sweet Fifteen: Fair Fundan, the most redoubtable leader of the Fundan clan in their history discovers the harsh realities of life as a Chitin farmer in a world full of thieves and raiders.

Drums and Rifles: The news of the Chitin derived longevity drugs had produced an exodus of groups from Earth. Despite the rigor of the totalitarian state they found ways to escape. Most prominent in the early days were the EASU, the East Anglian Social Union, an administrative region incorporating what had once been South Eastern England, with London at its center, plus the Friesian Coast and the coastline of Germany, including the cities of Hamburg and Bremen. The elite of this region had seized a starship and flown it to Fenrille. In consequence the coastal colony had been taken over and was now called the "Essex Coast."

Between the EASU and the Highland Clans there existed nothing but war, even as both sides traded madly for the chitin drugs. More colonists were coming all the time, drawn by the intoxicating dream of eternal life. In response to EASU aggression and the threat of atomic weapons, Fair Fundan pulls together a coalition of the normally non-cooperative Highlanders. With help from fugitives from the EASU rule of terror they counterattack and end the immediate threat.

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