The Ladies of Mandrigyn (Sun Wolf and Starhawk, #1)
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The Ladies of Mandrigyn

by Barbara Hambly
Release date: 1984
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Swords Against The Wizard

The City of Mandrigyn was conquered and its men enslaved in the foul mines of the evil Wizard King, Altiokis. Now the women of the city; led by Sheera Galernas, had come to hire the mercenary army of Captain Sun Wolf. But Sun Wolf was too wise to become involved in fighting against wizardry...

...until he woke to find himself kidnapped and offered a grim choice by Sheera. He could train and lead the ladies of Mandrigyn against Altiokis – or he could die in lingering agony from the anzid they had given him and for which only they had the antidote.

There was more to the ladies than Sun Wolf could have guessed. There was also fair more to the evil of Altiokis than anyone knew.

But above all there was a great deal more to Sun Wolf and his destiny than he had ever dreamed.

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