The Dragon Companion: An Encyclopedia

Carole Wilkinson
fantasy, non-fiction, young adult
The Dragon Companion: An Encyclopedia - Carole Wilkinson

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes – six legs or no legs; as big as mountains or as small as dogs; black, pink, multi-coloured. They can be brave or cowardly, kind or cruel, smart or stupid, good or downright evil.

The Dragon Companion is an A-Z encyclopedia of dragons. Within its pages you will find many dragons. Though there are some modern dragon stories, most of the stories have been told for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. As well as stories, you will find all sorts of dragonish information, from how many claws they have, to uses for their blood. The Companion is illustrated with gorgeous images by Dean Jones.

You can read The Dragon Companion from beginning to end, or you can dip into it on any page. You can go on your own dragon trail by following linked entries.

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Release date: 2007
Genres: fantasy, non-fiction, young adult
Updated: August 29, 2021

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The Dragon Companion: An Encyclopedia
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