Full Circle (The Castings Trilogy, #3)
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Full Circle

by Pamela Freeman
Release date: September 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Saker has devoted himself to dark enchantments and desires nothing but vengeance. And vengeance he has in abundance. His ghost army is slaughtering those of the new blood, fuelled by an ancient wrong. But while Saker had thought revenge would be simple, he’s now plagued by voices fore-shadowing a calamity beyond his comprehension.

Ash and Bramble raise the warrior spirit of Acton, mighty in life and powerful in death. Only he can stop Saker's rampage. But is Acton, Lord of War, murderer or saviour? And why would he help strangers protect a world he’s never known?

Bramble has been marked as Saker’s nemesis, but will be challenged by deeper powers than Saker can command – as well as by her own feelings for Acton. As the living fight the dead, strange forces will shape an uncertain future from pain and suffering.

(updated 2015-03-18)

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