Cold Copper Tears (Garrett, P.I., #3)
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Cold Copper Tears

by Glen Cook
Release date: October 1988
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

Slaying Beauty

She was tall, blonde, and offering Garrett a fee that was irresistible to take a case that seemed open and shut. But in a town of elves and humans, thugs and swindlers – a place where magic and religion could prove an all-to-potent mix – Garrett had learned to take a long, hard look before nodding yes.

And when, soon after this damsel in distress had departed, the Grand Inuisitor came looking for Garrett's help, he knew it was time to throw some business his competitors' way. But even for a hard-boiled detective like Garrett, who had the Dead Man for an ally and the toughest half-elf in town guarding his back, it was already too late to say no. For Garrett had been fingered as the latest sacrifice to a long-dead god, and his only chance to save his neck was to solve his newest cases right now!

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