Whispering Nickel Idols

Glen Cook
fantasy > urban fantasy
Whispering Nickel Idols (Garrett, P.I. #11) - Glen Cook

Garrett's having a pretty good morning until he finds a strange child named Penny Dreadful poking around his house. Before he can figure out what the mysterious urchin wants, he's hired to investigate how an old underworld boss ended up in a coma – leaving his gorgeous, criminally insane daughter to run the family business.

The ravishing beauty has some lascivious designs on Garrett – and some deadly ones too. But she's not the only one dreaming up ways to finish off the endangered private eye, who has to figure out why everyone is suddenly after him...

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Release date: May 2005
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 23, 2021

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