A Taste of Crimson

by Marjorie M. Liu
A Taste of Crimson (Crimson City #2) - Marjorie M. Liu N/A

Los Angeles is no longer the City of Angels; dark things haunt its streets – dark, restless things. Bodies have been found, and the tentative peace between humans, vampires and werewolves teeters on the brink of collapse. Keeli Maddox needs to know why. If she and her kin are to survive, she must trust a man as different from her as night from day, as tooth from claw. He's a slayer, a betrayer, an enemy. But nobility lurks in dark places, and Keeli herself is no stranger to shadow. As sure as the moon will rise, Michael was meant for her. Life is about to change. Only three things will remain: the color of blood, the hot joy of skin on skin, and the danger in... A TASTE OF CRIMSON.

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Release date 2005
Details updated August 17, 2022

Crimson City :: Series

Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

Crimson City (Crimson City #1) N/A
A Taste of Crimson (Crimson City #2) N/A
Through a Crimson Veil (Crimson City #3) N/A
A Darker Crimson (Crimson City #4) N/A
Seduced By Crimson (Crimson City #5) N/A
Crimson Rogue (Crimson City #6) N/A
Shards of Crimson (Crimson City #7) N/A
Crimson & Steam (Crimson City #8) N/A