Faith of the Fallen (The Sword of Truth, #6)
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Faith of the Fallen

by Terry Goodkind
Release date: August 2000
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Tags: tv series
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Bestselling New York Times author Terry Goodkind revisits his gripping Sword of Truth books with the eagerly anticipated Faith of the Fallen. In the sixth installment of this beloved series, Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell struggle against threats to the freedom of the world, testing both their endurance and their love for one another. As his beloved Kahlan lies close to death, Richard — who distrusts prophecy more than anyone — is confronted by a compelling vision that bears a terrible price: taking Kahlan away from the protection of the army he leads, and abandoning his people to a grim fate.

Kahlan, left behind and unwilling to abandon the cause of the Midlands, violates prophecy and breaks her last pledge to Richard. Finally, she will come face to face with the architect of the terror sweeping her land: the mad dreamwalker, Emperor Jagang, who is poised to unleash his formidable fury on the New World.

Meanwhile, in Emperor Jagang's sprawling encampment, Nicci, a Sister of the Dark, is tormented by her memory of Richard yet is captivated by the inexplicable strength that she saw in this gaze. Despite her hunger to understand the source of his indomitable will, her burning passion to destroy him commits her to the unthinkable and draws her into a haunting, epic conflict.

This latest compelling installment in the Sword of Truth series showcases Richard and Kahlan's further struggles against the relentless, monolithic forces of the Imperial Order, resulting in Goodkind's most captivating novel yet.

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Faith of the Fallen is one of Terry Goodkind's best books. I know that this book contains lots of philosophy and moral issues, but all these things are still fresh and interesting, because Goodkind hasn't bored the reader with them yet. I have to admit that I like this book - the story is interesting and the writing is good. Faith of the Fallen is unfortunately the last good book of the Sword of Truth series. The quality of the series began to drop radically after this book.
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