The Pillars of Creation

by Terry Goodkind
The Pillars of Creation (The Sword of Truth #7) - Terry Goodkind 6.32   25

Entering the world of New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind, we find ourselves gripped by fear, held spellbound by suspense, and, most of all, aching to be there beside people who capture our hearts.

Now, in his latest and most lavish adventure yet, a young woman's struggle for salvation from inner demons and an ancient injustice takes on terrifying dimensions. Tormented her entire life by inhuman voices, Jennsen seeks to end her intolerable agony. She at last discovers a way to silence the voices. For everyone else, the torment is about to begin.

Richard Rahl and his wife, Kahlan, have been reunited after their long separation, but with winter descending and the paralyzing dread of an army of annihilation occupying their homeland, they must venture deep into a strange and desolate land. Their quest turns to terror when they find themselves the helpless prey of a tireless hunter.

Exploited by those intent on domination, Jennsen finds herself drawn into the center of a violent struggle for conquest and revenge. Worse yet, she finds her will seized by dark forces more abhorrent than anything she ever envisioned. Only then does she come to realize that the voices were real.

Staggered by loss and increasingly isolated, Richard and Kahlan desperately struggle to survive. But if they are to live, they must stop the relentless, unearthly threat that comes out of the darkest night of the human soul. To do so, Richard will be called upon to face the demons stalking among the Pillars of Creation.

Enter a world without rival. Discover breathtaking adventure and true nobility of spirit. Find out why millions of readers the world over have elevated Terry Goodkind to the ranks of legend.

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Release date November 2001
Details updated August 25, 2022

The Sword of Truth :: Series

Series contains 11 primary works and has 13 total works.

The Sword of Truth is #1 New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind’s epic fantasy series chronicling the heroic journeys of Richard Cypher, a Seeker of Truth, Confessor Kahlan Amnell and First Order wizard Zeddicus “Zedd” Zu’l Zorander as they battle against dark forces and evil overlords seeking to subjugate the land.

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Community Reviews & Rates

Seregil of Rhiminee
3518 ratings
260 reviews
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October 7, 2007
6 / 10

The Pillars of Creation is a readable fantasy book, but it isn't very good. Although this book isn't excellent, it's a lot better than the books, which were published after it. The biggest mistake in this book was that Terry Goodkind introduced a new character and wrote mostly about this character's adventures. I'm not a big fan of The Pillars of Creation, but because it's readable and better than its sequel, I give it three stars.

Joy Kadirbaks
Joy Kadirbaks
35 ratings
0 reviews
0 posts
May 29, 2022
Gave 9 / 10 rating to this book
Andy Munn
Andy Munn
44 ratings
0 reviews
0 posts
October 23, 2021
Gave 7 / 10 rating to this book
Rob Powell
Rob Powell
101 ratings
0 reviews
0 posts
March 23, 2020
Gave 10 / 10 rating to this book
97 ratings
0 reviews
0 posts
September 5, 2017
Gave 6 / 10 rating to this book
April 17, 2016
Gave 7 / 10 rating to this book
February 6, 2016
Gave 8 / 10 rating to this book
February 16, 2015
Gave 7 / 10 rating to this book
February 1, 2015
Gave 5 / 10 rating to this book
July 3, 2014
Gave 3 / 10 rating to this book