Ancient Shores (Ancient Shores #1) - Jack McDevitt 8.00   1

Nebula Award: Best Novel nominee (1998).

It turned up in a North Dakota wheat field: a triangle, like a shark's fin, sticking up from the black loam. Tom Lasker did what any farmer would have done. He dug it up. And discovered a boat, made of a fiberglass-like material with an utterly impossible atomic number. What it was doing buried under a dozen feet of prairie soil two thousand miles from any ocean, no one knew. True, Tom Lasker's wheat field had once been on the shoreline of a great inland sea, but that was a long time ago – ten thousand years ago.

A return to science fiction on a grand scale, reminiscent of the best of Heinlein, Simak, and Clarke, Ancient Shores is the most ambitious and exciting SF triumph of the decade, a bold speculative adventure that does not shrink from the big questions – and the big answers.

Category: Science Fiction

Release date 1996

Details updated August 23, 2021

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Ancient Shores :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Ancient Shores (Ancient Shores #1) 8.00   1
Thunderbird (Ancient Shores #2) N/A

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