The Disciples of Cthulhu - Edward P. Berglund

Edited by Edward P. Berglund.


  • Preface to the Revised Edition by Edward P. Berglund
  • Preface to the Original Edition by Edward P. Berglund
  • Introduction by Robert Bloch
  • The Fairground Horror by Brian Lumley
  • The Silence of Erika Zann by James Wade
  • All-Eye by Bob Van Laerhoven
  • The Tugging by Ramsey Campbell
  • Where Yidhra Walks by Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
  • Glimpses by A. A. Attanasio
  • Dope War of the Black Tong by Robert M. Price
  • Darkness, My Name Is by Eddy C. Bertin
  • The Terror from the Depths by Fritz Leiber
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Release date: 1996
Genres: horror, anthology
Tags: cthulhu mythos
Updated: August 23, 2021