Castle (The Seventh Tower #2) - Garth Nix

The Dark World is a place of ice, wind, and fury. A veil of black covers the sky. In all the world, only the Castle shines with light.

Tal and Milla are struggling to make it to the Castle, each on a dangerous mission. For Tal, a Chosen, the Castle is home – even though he is not welcome anymore. for Milla, and Icecarl warrior, the Castle is a strange and mysterious place. Her presence is a threat that the Castle dwellers want to stop... at any cost.

From the deadly Hall of Nightmares to the magical chambers of Tal's great-uncle Ebbitt, Tal and Milla must navigate the Castle without being discovered. Sinister forces are conspiring against them. It will take all their strength to survive.

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Release date: 2000
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: August 23, 2021