High Hunt

by David Eddings
High Hunt - David Eddings 6.00   2

The men who set off from Tacoma, Washington State, on a hunting trip in the high country formed an unlikely group. There was ex-GI Dan Alders, his big brother Jack the loser, tough ex-Marine sergeant McKlearey, Cal, the big-shot wheeler-dealer, and finally mild, henpecked Stan.

In town they had been held together by a mutual taste for beer, spirits and endless arguments – with a little lying and wife-stealing on the side. But now, high in the mountains on a test of endurance to see who could bag the biggest deer, everything was falling aprat.

As old jealousies were dusted off and forgotten hatreds revived, everyone knew an explosion was coming. No one knew who or what would survive. Only the tattered shreds of their pride kept them from giving up and returning...

Category: Mainstream

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Release date 1973
Details updated August 27, 2022
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