The Darkest Hour

Erin Hunter
fantasy > animal fantasy, young adult
The Darkest Hour (Warriors #6) - Erin Hunter8.66

ThunderClan's darkest hour is upon them, as Tigerstar's quest for power plunges all the Clans into the most terrible danger any cat has ever faced. In order to save his Clan and his friends, Fireheart must uncover the meaning of an ominous proclamation from StarClan:

"Four will become two. Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest."

The time has come for prophecies to unfold, and for heroes to rise...

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Release date: 2004
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, young adult
Tags: cats
Average rating: 8.66/10
Total ratings: 154
Updated: August 12, 2021

Warriors :: Series

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