The Younger Gods (The Dreamers, #4)
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The Younger Gods

by David & Leigh Eddings
Release date: May 2006
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

’Let me deal with the situation in Aracia’s Domain,’ Misty Lady continued. ‘It’s almost reached the point where she’d rather die than hand her Domain over to Enalla. We’ve got to get her under control, because she’s getting very close to total insanity. If she crosses that line, we’ll lose her… and if she’s a raving lunatic when she wakes up from her sleep-cycle, the entire Land of Dhrall will be at risk – and that risk will make the invasion of the creatures of the Wasteland look like some child’s game by comparison.’

As the time approaches for the Younger Gods to take their rightful places in the world...

The attacks of the dreadful insect queen known as the Vlagh have been repelled in three of the Elder Gods’ realms. Now, only the land ruled by the Goddess Aracia remains for the Vlagh to send her hordes to attack.

But while the Gods, their younger avatars and their human comrades have emerged victorious from all previous encounters, this time the Goddess herself may be their greatest foe – she craves worship and hates the idea of being replaced by a younger God when her time comes to an end... and that time is approaching fast.

Volcanoes and floods, blue fire and fields of false gold, nothing has stopped the Vlagh from making new and improved creatures of the Wasteland that are too canny for the old tricks and pose an even bigger threat. With the Misty Lady controlling the Dreamers and Aracia out of control, the fate of the Land of Dhrall has never before been in such peril.

A magical, on-the-grandest-scale, action-packed, totally engaging and characterful fantasy novel from the bestselling authors David and Leigh Eddings.

updated 2017-01-19

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The Younger Gods is the fourth book of The Dreamers series. I can honestly say that The Dreamers is one of the worst fantasy series ever. It wasn't easy to read this series, because all the books were bad, but somehow I managed to read them. This final book is also bad. If you think of reading this book, please, think twice. This book (and the whole series) isn't worth reading.
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