Badgers - Brian Jacques

The brave creatures who defend Redwall Abbey from the threat of evil hail from many different tribes throughout Mossflower and beyond. This exciting new series takes a closer look at these tribes – the characteristics that define them and the strong individuals within them – and their place in Redwall legend. Badgers is the first in the series.

Wise and noble, yet with a vulnerability towards the terrible Bloodwrath, badgers are an integral part of life at Redwall. As well as the tradition of the badger mother at the Abbey, there are close links between Redwall and Salamandastron, the legendary mountain fortress of the Badger lords. Great badger heroes include Boar the Fighter, Sunflash the Mace, Lord Rawnblade, Widestripe, Constance, Lord Brocktree and many more.

The Tribes Of Redwall series will illustrate the heritage and traditions of the greatest Redwall creatures featuring a general section on the tribe, followed by profiles of the main players and a quiz, together with a magnificent colour poster.

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Release date: 2001
Genres: fantasy, non-fiction, young adult
Updated: August 24, 2021

Tribes of Redwall :: Series

Belongs to the series Redwall

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