Otters (Tribes of Redwall #2) - Brian Jacques

The creatures of the Redwall sequence – from mice and badgers to stoats and weasels – hail from many different clans but it is not the vermin hordes that produce heroes of note; it is the tribes of valiant beasts that breed the likes of Martin the Warrior, Cregga Rose Eyes and Deyna, the legendary otter. Every book in this wonderful series reveals the secrets of the great Redwall creatures, tribe by tribe, and includes: a fantastic, full-colour, pull-out poster – an introduction by Brian Jacques – the tribes' traits – formidable and fallible! – a close look at the greatest heroes – a quiz to test the most ardent Redwall followers making this a series that no true Redwall fan can afford to be without. The second book in the series reveals the secrets of that fun-loving, nautical, noble race – the Otters.

Otters are fantastic fighters and swimmers and forge deep, tribal relationships that keep them fiercely loyal to their families, crews or holts. Whether sea or river otters, the clan's relationship with water is inherent in its every action, making otters unrivalled swimmers and shanty-singers! Details of such legendary characters as Grath Longfletch, Rab Streambattle and Deyna, the fearsome Taggerung, are brought to light in this fascinating book and, for the first time, the secret recipe of that infamous otter delicacy, hotroot soup, is revealed!

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Release date: 2002
Genres: fantasy, non-fiction, young adult
Updated: August 17, 2021

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Otters (Tribes of Redwall #2)
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