Low Red Moon - Caitlín R. Kiernan 8.00   1

Several years after the events of Threshold, Chance and Deacon have married. They're looking ahead to the future, trying to put the horrors of the past behind them. But new nightmares await them as a woman with a thirst for violence enters their lives. And something even worse has followed her...

Category: Fantasy

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Release date 2003
Details updated August 30, 2022

Dancy Flammarion :: Series

Series contains 8 total works.

Threshold 8.00   1
In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers N/A
Low Red Moon 8.00   1
Trilobite: The Writing of Threshold N/A
Mercury N/A
Alabaster 8.00   1
Comes a Pale Rider 8.50   2

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