Assumption of Risk

by Michael A. Stackpole
Assumption of Risk (BattleTech #12) - Michael A. Stackpole N/A


Solaris VII, the Game World, is the Inner Sphere in microcosm, and Kai Allard-Liao is its champion, veteran of the war against challengers who wish his crown for their own.

There is no place he would rather be.

Then the political realities of the Federated Commonwealth intrude on Solaris. Ryan Steiner, a man sworn to dethrone Victor Steiner-Davion, comes to Solaris to orchestrate his rebellion. Tormano Liao, Kai's uncle, redoubles efforts to destroy the Capellan Confederation, and Victor Davion plots to avenge his mother's assassination.

In one short month, Kai's past, present, and future collapse in on themselves, forcing him to do things he had come to Solaris to avoid. If he succeeds, no one will ever know – but if he fails, he'll have the blood of millions on his hands.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1993
Details updated August 14, 2022

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