The Ordeal

by Jerry Ahern
Release date: 1988
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The brain-searing nightmare of World War III left few survivors. These tiny pockets of civilization now face certain annihilation as the Soviet fighting machine advances, tightening its global stranglehold. Only one man dares to challenge it. He is John Thomas Rourke, ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist and survival expert. Rourke vows not to be snuffed out, and to protect his remaining loved ones from this bloody onslaught.

When the Russians hungrily seize Eden Base and the Hekla Community, the nuclear arsenals of Second City are finally within their grasp. Rourke, attacked on all sides by enemy battalions and blood-crazed survivors of the Second City, is alone deep inside hostile territory with helplessly crippled Natalia. Together they fight tooth and nail for another day to play the bitterest game: survival. As the skies darken and the air crackles with the angry flames of war, this may be the final challenge for... The Survivalist.

(updated 2011-05-09)

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