Grave Covenant (BattleTech: Twilight of the Clans #2) - Michael A. Stackpole


Possessing precious secret information that will lead them down the Exodus Road, the Inner Sphere Successor States can now meet the Clans on their own terms... and behind enemy lines. The Herculean task of amassing enough power means re-establishing the legendary Star League – a union of the Successor States and their BattleMechs led by Victor Steiner-Davion. But with the deadly game of politics making the Successor Lords wary of alliance, and Victor's Machiavellian sister, Katrina Steiner, hatching more vicious plots to further her own agendas, the war against the Clans may only be a distraction from the real danger...

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Release date: 1997
Genres: science fiction
Updated: January 27, 2017

BattleTech: Twilight of the Clans :: Series

Belongs to the series BattleTech

Grave Covenant (BattleTech: Twilight of the Clans #2)
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