Forging the Runes (Prince of the Sidhe #2) - Josepha Sherman

His honor riven from him, Elven Prince Ardagh suffers that worst of all possible fates: banishment to the world of humans. Alone in a land of Christian kings and Viking raiders, Ardagh has at least learned to make his way – more, he has made himself a place; he is much valued by his friends and comrades at arms. His fate is beginning not to seem so terrible after all.

But now, Ardagh, he who was falsely branded "Oath-breaker," is called upon to defend Ireland against the fierce magic of an Anglo-Saxon menace and so fulfill his pledge to human King Aedh. Though it may will cost him his immortal life, fiercely, joyfully Ardagh – no oathbreaker he – joins the fray. Then, in the midst of war, he is summoned to rejoin the Sidhe. His choice is stark and clear: to stand by his sworn comrades or regain all that he has lost – and to be in truth as well as name Ardagh Oathbreaker.

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Release date: 1996
Genres: fantasy
Updated: September 07, 2010