Through the Looking Glass

by Josepha Sherman
Release date: 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Suddenly, Captain Dylan Hunt isn't himself.

Our heroes were travelling in deep space, navigating the Andromeda through a maze of space anomalies and wormholes when a surprise attack by an unidentified fleet of ships forced them into a space anomaly they could not avoid. Suddenly the crew finds themselves in another dimension. The Dylan they know is gone, his place taken by a green-skinned, cold, logical, Nietzschean Dylan who's more reptilian than human. The crew must band together and choose between an act of obedience or an act of mutiny as they follow a dangerous course into deeper space with an alien captain they cannot trust.

Meanwhile, Dylan finds himself on a very different Andromeda in another dimension. His new crew is comprised of green-skinned reptilians, engaged in a deadly conflict with rebels who would have been, in Dylan's original dimension, the civilization he has tried to restore. His entire alien crew seems to be involved in a vast interstellar conquest, one that he must stop. The Captain realizes he must resolve a conflict in which his royalties are torn, and somehow get back to his original dimension. Can Dylan survive his alien ship?

The decisions both Andromeda crews and captains make will affect not only them; their choices may cause ripple effects that save or destroy both dimensions.

(updated 2017-01-19)

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