The Metrognome and Other Stories

by Alan Dean Foster
The Metrognome and Other Stories - Alan Dean Foster N/A

Forget what you thought you knew about the universe and enter the fantastic world of master storyteller Alan Dean Foster...


  • Introduction
  • Operator Assisted Calls Are Charged at a Higher Rate
  • The Metrognome
  • Thrust
  • Pipe Dream
  • Mother Thunder
  • The Chair (with Jane Cozart)
  • The Inheritance
  • Running
  • Unamusing
  • The Thunderer
  • Pleistosport
  • Norg Gleeble Gop
  • Batrachian
  • The Tessellated Tetrahexahedral Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Collectible

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Release date 1990
Details updated August 30, 2022
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