Reunion - Alan Dean Foster 8.00   2

At last, New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster returns to his acclaimed Humanx universe, where a young human orphan called Flinx seeks to unlock the dangerous secrets of his past – and the uncertain prospects of his future with the aid of the formidable minidrag known as Pip. This is the most mind-bending Pip and Flinx adventure yet – a roller-coaster ride into the unknown, filled with wonder and humor, and a host of deadly adversaries.

Using his enhanced empathic abilities, Flinx finesses his way into a top-secret security installation on Earth. Once there, he bamboozles a sophisticated AI program into releasing classified information about the Meliorare Society, the sect of renegade eugenicists whose experiments with human beings had horrified the civilized universe more than twenty years ago. After all, as one of the few Meliorare experiments to survive, Flinx has a right to know about his past. Especially since his telepathic powers seem to be evolving. The question is, evolving into what? The excruciating headaches afflicting Flinx with increasing frequency make him wonder if he will be alive to find out...

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 2001
Details updated August 15, 2022

Pip and Flinx :: Series

Series contains 15 total works.

Main series Humanx Commonwealth Universe

The Tar-Aiym Krang 7.00   4
Bloodhype 6.66   3
Orphan Star 7.00   4
The End of the Matter 6.50   4
For Love of Mother-Not 7.34   3
Flinx in Flux 6.76   4
Mid-Flinx 8.00   2
Reunion 8.00   2
Flinx's Folly 9.00   2
Sliding Scales 7.00   2
Running from the Deity 8.00   2
Trouble Magnet 8.00   2
Patrimony 7.00   2
Flinx Transcendent 10.00   2
Strange Music 9.50   2

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