The Time of the Transference

by Alan Dean Foster
The Time of the Transference (Spellsinger #6) - Alan Dean Foster 7.00   1

It was a pretty good life for a spellsinger from L.A. He'd battled demons, fought deadly Plated Folk, even met a socialist dragon and survived. Now Jon-Tom was quite happy to settle into domestic bliss with the fiery Tales, study magic, and practice spellsinging on his duar. But the magic instrument is broken when Jon-Tom protects the wizard Clothahump from thieves and he must set out across the Glittergeist Sea to find the one person who can fix it. With the irrepressible Mudge the Otter as a traveling companion, only the unexpected can happen. But cannibal muskrats, ogres, and a fierce pirate king parrot seem ordinary indeed when Jon-Tom finds a way back to Earth – and he must choose which world is home.

Category: Fantasy

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Release date 1986
Details updated August 29, 2022

Spellsinger :: Series

Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

Spellsinger (Spellsinger #1) 6.50   2
The Hour of the Gate (Spellsinger #2) 6.00   2
The Day of the Dissonance (Spellsinger #3) 6.00   2
The Moment of the Magician (Spellsinger #4) 6.00   1
The Paths of the Perambulator (Spellsinger #5) 7.00   1
The Time of the Transference (Spellsinger #6) 7.00   1
Son of Spellsinger (Spellsinger #7) 5.00   1
Chorus Skating (Spellsinger #8) 5.00   1

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