The Hand of Dinotopia

by Alan Dean Foster
The Hand of Dinotopia - Alan Dean Foster N/A

A long-lost legend is found...

Will is a skybax rider, one of the elite couriers of Dinotopia, a land apart from time where humans and dinosaurs coexist in harmony. Protected for centuries by raging currents that wreck any ship that comes too close to its shores, this strange land is cut off from the outside world. When headstrong Sylvia disappears in search of the legendary Hand of Dinotopia, a landmark that points toward clear sea passage to and from the island, Will follows her, accompanied by his four-footed Protoceratops companion, Chaz. Their quest for the Hand takes them to a startling destination where they're met with a choice as unexpected as the journey.

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Release date 1997
Details updated August 26, 2022

Dinotopia :: Series

Series contains 2 total works.

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