Journey to the Underground World

by Lin Carter
Journey to the Underground World (Zanthodon #1) - Lin Carter N/A

The legends of a fabled land of the lost have floated for centuries around the bazaars of North Africa and the sand-surrounded oases of the vast Sahara. They tell of treasure caravans that have never returned, of weird monsters forgotten by time, of savage peoples surviving out of antiquity.

Eric Carstairs had heard these tales but until he met Professor Potter he did not really believe them. But the famous paleontologist had the location of the entrance to the Underground World pinned down, and wanted only a man of courage to fly him there.

Carstairs and Potter took the chance – and pierced the pit to Zanthodon, a world within the world, where cavemen and cavebeasts roamed side by side with dinosaur-monsters of millions of years ago.

Lin Carter launches a new series of adventures that will rank with his Green Star and Callisto books – and will delight the millions who have yearned for the road to Pellucidar!

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 1979
Details updated August 26, 2022

Zanthodon :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

Journey to the Underground World (Zanthodon #1) N/A
Zanthodon (Zanthodon #2) N/A
Hurok of the Stone Age (Zanthodon #3) N/A
Darya of the Bronze Age (Zanthodon #4) N/A
Eric of Zanthodon (Zanthodon #5) N/A