Warlock (Darkwar Trilogy #2) - Glen Cook9.34

The power in her mind brought young Marika at last to the great Maksche Cloister, where her already precocious silth witch-like powers could be honed to an awesome mental weapon. To the tradermales fell the skills of science and technology, while the female silth dominated the world with their mastery of the black arts. In the uneasy tradermale-silth truce, there could be no trust or friendship between the two races.

But proud, stubborn Marika was born to break all rules – maybe even to be her world's destruction. One tradermale was her friend already. And another, closer to her heart than any living being, held a power strong enough to challenge silth domination. Marika had a choice to make, a vow to keep, and a battle to fight with the one they called Warlock.

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Release date: 1985
Genres: science fiction, fantasy
Average rating: 9.34/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: August 28, 2021

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