Vendetta (The Runestone Saga #2) - Chris Humphreys

Sky's grandfather Sigurd taught Sky how to use the ancient Norse magic of the runes to travel through time, to live as a Viking ancestor, to understand the secrets whispering in his blood... But knowledge comes at a cost. Sigurd has stolen Kristin's life, possessed her, body and soul. In a terrifying reversal, Sky's teacher, his blood, has become the enemy.

Determined to find a way to free Kristin, Sky travels to Corsica where he finds the Mazzeri – the Dream Hunters – who leave their bodies at night to stalk their prey. Sky can't understand how this horror can help him... until he journeys back in time again and becomes another ancestor who does have an answer for him, one that might yet save Kristin. But it comes with the awakening of a vicious vendetta. And the price of knowledge, as always, will be paid in blood.

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Release date: 2007
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: August 13, 2021