With Mercy Toward None (The Dread Empire (prequels) #2) - Glen Cook9.66

The holy wars had begun, his family was slaughtered by bandits. He was abandoned to die in the desert – but he survived, with the help of his god, and became El Murid, the Disciple. Against him rides Haroun ben Yousif, High Prince of sorcery. Their war will soak the desert with magic, and with blood.

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Release date: 1985
Genres: fantasydark fantasy
Tags: military
Average rating: 9.66/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: August 25, 2021

The Dread Empire (prequels) :: Series

Belongs to the series The Dread Empire

A Fortress in Shadow8.76
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With Mercy Toward None (The Dread Empire (prequels) #2)9.66