Windwalker (Starlight & Shadows #3) - Elaine Cunningham6.60

Liriel has achieved her goal: her drow powers are hers to command wherever she might go. Her companion, Fyodor of Rashemen, has mastered his out-of-control berserker rages. The future seems bright for the companions as they set out to return the Windwalker amulet to the Witches of Rashemen, for Fyodor has reason to believe that Liriel will be welcomed in his homeland.

But Liriel's enemies follow her still. Chief among them is a drow goddess whom Liriel, whether she knows it or not, continues to serve...

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Release date: 2003
Genres: fantasy
Tags: dungeons & dragons, forgotten realms
Average rating: 6.60/10
Total ratings: 81
Updated: August 19, 2021

Starlight & Shadows :: Series

Belongs to the series Forgotten Realms

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Windwalker (Starlight & Shadows #3)6.60