Stars' End (The Starfishers Trilogy, #3)
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Stars' End

by Glen Cook
Release date: 1982
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

At the edge of the galaxy lay the Fortress known as Stars' End, a mysterious planet bristling with deadly automated weapons systems, programmed to slaughter anyone fool enough to come within range. But who built this strange planet of death, placing it within view of the Milky Way's great lens... and tantalizingly close to the hydrogen-filled feeding grounds of the interstellar dragons known as Starfish and the priceless ambergris they create?

Should the harvestships of the High Seiners, known as Starfishers, gain control of that arsenal, they need never fear the Confederation's navy nor the armies of the human-like Sangaree again. But intelligent life everywhere now needs the might of Stars' End – and the expertise of agents Mouse Storm and Moyshe benRabi. For in the midst of the Sangaree wars, a far more sinister enemy approaches, coming from the depths of the galaxy, in hordes larger than a solar system.

From Glen Cook, the Master of Modern Heroic Fantasy, comes Stars' End, the final novel in the Starfishers Trilogy, a seamless blend of ancient myth, political intrigue, and scintillating futuristic combat action.

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