The Seven Hills (Hannibal's Children, #2)
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The Seven Hills

by John Maddox Roberts
Release date: 2005
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: alternate history

Sequel to HANNIBAL'S CHILDREN, this alternate history follows Marcus Scipio, a brilliant young Roman from one of the oldest patrician families, and Titus Norbanus, the ambitious son of a "new" Roman family from Gaul, whose skillfully-orchestrated battles are earning him fame and infamy - depending whose side you're on - in the Senate and among the Roman people.

Set over a hundred years after Hannibal defeated Rome in the Second Punic War, the exiled Romans have returned to Italy and retaken their beloved city of the seven hills. But Rome will never feel safe until Carthage is destroyed. While Norbanus, who fancies himself a new Alexander the Great, expands the Roman Empire and defeats enemies, young Scipio in Alexandria, with the backing of the Egyptian queen, invites "philosophers" with scientific and engineering skills to the Alexandrian Library's school to create new inventions, from submarines to telescopes to flying machines, that will transform warfare - and the world. Sequel to the novel Library Journal called "a well-researched and vivid alternate history of the rivalry between Rome and Carthage."

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