The Poisoned Lands (Stormlands #3) - John Maddox Roberts

The world has changed. Once there were animals called 'bull' and 'bear' - now men ride horned cabos. But the hearts of men have not changed.

Ansa, son of King Hael, wanted only to see new lands when he rode south. Then he met Fyanna, a Canyoner woman who seemed at least half sorceress and seemed to know more of his fate than he did. Intrigue fills the streets of the great city of Grania, and plots for the throne wait to snare the unwary. With the conquering armies of the tyrannical Gasam on the march like an implacable tide, Ansa is about to learn that simple wanderlust can set traps beneath a man's feet. Some he could not avoid if he wanted to. And some he may seek out...

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Release date: 1992
Genres: fantasy
Updated: January 18, 2013

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