The Dragon Hunters

by Paul Genesse
Release date: May 15, 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

On this hunt, you give up everything.

The last of an order of dragon hunters must track down the dragon king's daughter and stop her from getting the Crystal Eye, an ancient artifact that will cause the destruction of their world.

An expert crossbowman, Drake of Cliffton, guides his companions to a wizard's tower where they hope to discover the location of the secret lair of Draglûne, the dragon king. What they learn changes everything and sends them to a dangerous city embroiled in a bitter uprising. They are pursued by the dragon king’s daughter, Verkahna, who may be their greatest ally or their worst enemy.

Attacked by cultists who worship Draglûne and Verkahna as draconic gods, the companions must make an alliance with a mysterious swordswoman who may be a traitor to her own people. They travel into the brutal Khoram Desert searching for the lair of their enemies, a cave on the edge of a vast chasm, the Mouth of the Underworld. The price of survival may mean the end of Drake's hope to return home and marry Jaena, his true love.

(updated 2017-06-19)

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