Arms-Commander (Saga of Recluce, #16)
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by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Release date: January 5, 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The new novel in the Saga of Recluce from the bestselling author

Arms-Commander takes place ten years after the end of The Chaos Balance and tells the story of the legendary Saryn. The keep of Westwind, in the cold mountainous heights called the Roof of the World, is facing attack by the adjoining land of Gallos. Arthanos, son and heir to the ailing Prefect of Gallos, wishes to destroy Westwind because the idea of a land where women rule is total anathema to him.

Saryn, Arms-Commander of Westwind, is dispatched to a neighboring land, Lornth, to seek support against the Gallosians. In the background, the trading council of Suthya is secretly and informally allied with Gallos against Westwind and begins to bribe lord-holders in Lornth to foment rebellion and civil war. They hope to create such turmoil in Lornth that the weakened land will fall to Suthya. But Zeldyan, regent of Lornth, has problems in her family. To secure Zeldyan’s aid, Saryn must pledge her personal support — and any Westwind guard forces she can raise — to the defense of Zeldyan and her son.

The fate of four lands, including Westwind, rests on Saryn’s actions.

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Arms-Commander was an interesting Recluce book. I've enjoyed reading all the previous Recluce books and I also enjoyed reading this new book (I have to confess that I'm a Recluce fan). I liked the characters (Saryn was an interesting character) and I also liked the story. I think it's amazing that the author can still write good and interesting stories, because he's already written several Recluce books (not every author can write like this, but Modesitt can). I think that Arms-Commander is a "must read" book for all Recluce fans. If you've read the previous books and enjoyed them, you'll like this book.
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